Richard Martyn

Longtime resident of San Mateo, Richard Martyn passed away on December 5, 2020. He was formerly a Peace Corps volunteer, and was employed by the US EPA for 40 years. He enjoyed tennis, wine collecting, and most of all, conversing with his many friends. He is survived by his loving wife, his children, and his granddaughter.

Rich came to the Continuing Challenge HazMat Committee in 1994 while representing the National On Scene Coordinators Association. Rich then represented the Federal EPA as On Scene Coordinator and remained a member of the Continuing Challenge Committee from 1996 to 2014. Rich suffered a stroke a few days after Thanksgiving. While in the hospital he suffered other complications including Phenomena, Rich passed away December 5, 2020.

Rich was an active member of the committee providing many classes for our students. As an OSC Rich traveled to many locations including the South Pacific to oversee HazMat incidents, many left over from WW II. Rich was a giant in the HazMat world and we will always remember Rich as a committee member but also as a good friend. Please keep Rich’s family in your thoughts and prayers.

In the photo, Rich is on the left, Will Duncan is in the middle and Tom Scully is on the right. The photo was taken at the DoubleTree during our workshop on 9/25/2019.