Matt Krimsky passed away August 19, 2021, 23:17 Hours.

Matt came to the Continuing Challenge Workshop as an instructor in 2001, and was an instructor every year after that.

In 2003 Matt was honored to receive the Continuing Challenge’s “James Meidl Instructor of the year award”.

Matt was our Keynote Speaker in 2008 and 2018, the photo to the left is in our 2018 Catalog.

Matt Krimsky was a career Law Enforcement Officer with 30 years’ service, retiring from the San Francisco Police Department in the rank of Inspector-Sergeant (Detective Supervisor) in 2012.

Matt joined the Continuing Challenge Committee in 2012 and supported us through Cal OES, CSTI.

While at California Office of Emergency Services/California Specialized Training Institute, since 2013, Matt had managed the Institute’s Technician Modules C and D, Technician-Specialist Refresher, WMD-Technician-Specialist Terrorism, and First Responder-Law Enforcement Operations courses till he retired in 2019.

Matt was often described as “Part Motivational Speaker, Part Stand-up Comedian, and all Cop.”

Matt did not demand respect; he earned the respect that he received from so many.

Matt, you will be missed, your friends at the Continuing Challenge and beyond.

Matt Krimsky 2018 Keynote Speaker