Sacramento Fire Fepartment



The Sacramento Fire Department is a full-service fire department, with the responsibility of responding to and mitigating incidents involving firesmedical emergencieshazardous materials, technical and water rescues. The Department also provides a full range of support and/or administrative services including fire prevention and investigationlogisticstrainingfiscalhuman resources and information technology. The organization chart represents the current structure of the department.

The Department operates 24 fire stations from which it deploys 24 engine companies, nine truck companies, 15 ALS ambulances, a rescue company, three swift water rescue teams, and two hazmat response teams. Suppression companies are staffed with four personnel consisting of a Captain, an Engineer, and two Firefighters.

Department personnel respond to approximately 80,000 calls each year and provide service to approximately 480,000 residents and over 20,000 businesses located in the City of Sacramento. The Department also is contracted by Fire Protection District’s: Pacific/Fruitridge and Natomas, to provide fire protection service to an additional 50,000 residents. The contracted areas add approximately 46 square miles to the City’s incorporated area for a total of 146 square miles served by the Department.

In addition, the Department maintains automatic aid agreements with all of its neighboring agencies, supporting a boundary drop system. The Department also participates in the State mutual aid response system which provides Type I and Type III engine companies upon request of the California Emergency Management Agency (CALEMA). In support of Federal initiatives, the Department regularly provides overhead personnel for Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) Incident Management Teams (IMT) and is the sponsoring agency of FEMA Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Task Force Seven (Task Force 7).

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